is a participatory web photo project using images submitted to Flickr. The images are chosen at random from uploaded photos tagged "depletedselves."

The depleted selves project was conceived as a means of attempting to reconcile our relationship as United States taxpayers with those who are experiencing the effects of our military's use of depleted uranium, an under-reported component of military weaponry. For visual artists, with whom the project was begun, the condition of children born with birth defects, purportedly as a result of exposure to depleted uranium, including some born with no eyes, is unthinkable.

Depletion. There are many kinds at this point.

Becoming informed about the topic of DU is the primary focus of this project, taking action is the second. There are other objectives of this project, which you will find out yourself from interacting with it. Read this article from Centre for Research on Globalization, or some of the articles in the "more info" section of this website. If after this reading you feel moved to do so, please go to the "add an image" section of the site to find out how to collaborate with depleted selves by adding an image of your own making.

The site is an open forum and images displayed are not curated, edited, or censored. Anyone can contribute an image to the dialog. Eventually every image will be shown in the random display.

Depleted selves is a project by artist Cheryl Meeker. This site is possible thanks to custom open source code written by Steve Calderon and Steve Lambert, the artist who created WhyTheyHate.Us, an inspiring website from which we draw the source code for Special thanks go to Neil Mackintosh for the design of the depleted selves site and David Lawrence for hooking the source code up to the design.

Please email with questions.